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2 Specialties of Key West Cocktail Cruise That Has Made Them Popular

Are you planning to arrange a memorable wedding reception party? If yes, then there’s a tiny suggestion for you. How about arranging it on a cruise? Sounds great, isn’t it? So, instead of booking an ordinary hall in Key West, The Florida Keys or The Keys, consider hiring a cruise. In these areas, you’ll come across many cruises that can arrange a wedding reception party. But, if you want to choose the one that is “popular” at arranging such a party then, Key West Cocktail Cruise will be the right choice for you. We are one of those cruises in Florida, USA, which is not just known for their amazing vessels, but also for excellent hospitality. Hence, you can undoubtedly hire us.

What’s our Specialty?

Our vessel and hospitality are not the only specialties we possess. Here are a few other qualities of our cruise that attracts numerous people. Take a look.

• Wide Variety of Cocktails- Do you know why the term “cocktail” is included in our brand name? Well, it’s because we are popular for our ‘craft cocktails’. Wondering what that is? It is a wide range of unique and refreshing cocktails that our beverage director, John Moore, has created. And later, he passed on all the secret of ‘craft cocktails’ to his crew members. So, if you hire us for your wedding party, be rest assured, everyone is going to enjoy the cocktails that we will be serving. Some of our special craft cocktails are:

  • Hibiscus Mai Tai

  • Red Sky at Night

  • Pisco Punch and much more.

• Food Quality is Unparallel- There are undoubtedly several party cruises in Key West, The Florida Keys and The Keys region, but none of them is as good as we are, when it comes to the quality of food. We, Key West Cocktail Cruise, work with the finest caterers in these areas. So, you won’t get any scope to complain about our menu or food.

Now, when you know about our specialty, what are you waiting for? Book us now by calling at 305-395-979. You can also click on the “book now” option given on our website.


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