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Key West Charter Cruises, Sailing Cruises, Sunset Sailing Cruises and Weddings in Key West, FL

If you are looking for a cruise boat charter in the Florida Keys, Key West Cocktail Cruise is right up your alley. Our concept that has been taking the island by storm, and we are very proud of the fact that we have been able to provide people with experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  There is unrivaled beauty everywhere you look when you are in Key West, from the intriguing architecture to the blooming foliage to the spectacular beaches. All day long, you can soak in the surroundings, but locals and visitors alike can't help but look forward to the world renowned Key West sunsets. The Mallory Square celebration is something that everyone should take part in at one time or another, and it is truly something special.


However, when you see the sunset on a catamaran charter in Key West you enter into an entirely different dimension. The charter cocktail cruises that we offer are five star experiences on every level. Our luxurious 47 foot vessel, aptly named M/V Good Times, was specially built as a charter for the keys, and it provides all the creature comforts. There are two different bars, and the sound system would be the envy of many dance clubs on the mainland. Plus, we love recorded music like anyone else, but we have live bands on charters Key West visitors and locals can schedule. Some of them are highly regarded groups from the Keys, and at times we have acts that tour globally.


Speaking of bars, we take our cocktails very seriously here at Key West Cocktail Cruise. During your Florida Keys charter experience, you will be able to choose from not one, not two, but three different creative craft cocktails. We also offer our high quality craft beers from select south Florida brewers, and our classic handmade cocktails are prepared with fresh ingredients and top shelf spirits. Of course, wine lovers also have a cornucopia of options on our Key West charters


The Cocktail Cruise Charter the Keys Have Grown to Love!


A visit to Key West is something that you will remember for a lifetime, even if you stay on terra firma throughout the entirety of your visit to this tropical paradise. However, when you add a charter, the Florida Keys become truly magical. If you are ready to make a reservation, give us a call right now at 305-395-9796.

Charter the Florida Keys & Sailing Cruises in Key West, FL
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