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Sunset Sailing on a Sunset Wine Cruise with Live Entertainment in Key West, FL


If you were to envision an experience that was the absolute epitome of paradise, sunset sailing the Keys would probably be about as good as it gets. We are talking about the most spectacular sunsets that can be seen anywhere in the world, and when you can bear witness while you are out on the water, it is a truly sublime sight. The people here at Key West Cocktail Cruise recognized this unique, special opportunity, and we decided to do something about it. We created sailing cruises the Keys have been raving about, and you may want to take action sooner rather than later to see what all the excitement is about.


Sunset sailing the keys on our 47 foot catamaran, the M/V Good Times, is an experience you will not soon forget. The beautiful natural sights are certainly a huge part of the equation, but there is much, much more. When you go sunset sailing the Florida Keys with us, you will be grooving to the sounds of one of the most popular live bands in Key West, and in some cases, we book artists who tour nationally and even globally. Plus, in addition to our sunset cruises, we also have late-night stargazer cruises, and our state-of-the-art sound system rocks the house to fuel these exciting and unique seafaring parties.


We are not called Key West Cocktail Cruise for nothing. As much as we care about the windows into natural beauty and the pleasing sounds that we provide, we place an equal emphasis on the quality of the cocktails that we mix. If you want a classic cocktail like a mojito, a martini, or a margarita, we have you covered with natural ingredients and top quality liquor, and we also have a mind blowing array of top quality wines and delicious craft beers that are brewed right here in south Florida.


Schedule Your Florida Keys Sailing Cruise Right Now!


The quality of our lavish libations cannot be matched, but we have also made a concerted effort to recruit the best hospitality professionals in Key West. You will be treated like the five-star guest that you are when you board one of our world-class cocktail cruises. If you are ready to book a ticket to an evening of pure paradise, call Key West Cocktail Cruise right now at 305-395-9796.

Charter the Keys & Sunset Sailing the Florida Key in Key West, FL
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