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Sailing Cruises in Key West, The Florida Keys, The Keys

Do you want to throw a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend? If yes, then make sure you do something “out-of-the-box” for her such as, book a cocktail cruise instead of an ordinary party venue. Sounds great? Well then, waste no more time and immediately book a cruise that can arrange refreshing cocktails. If you are looking for a cocktail cruise in and around areas like Key West, The Florida Keys or The Keys, then look no further and immediately get in touch with us, Key West Cocktail Cruise. We are not just popular, but one of the most experienced companies that arrange a wide variety of parties in sailing cruises. Why just parties? We arrange sunset and star gazed excursions as well. So, waste no more time and get in touch with us at the earliest.

What? Still not sure whether hiring us would be a good decision or not? Well then, read on this blog to know more about us.

• Wide Variety of Cocktails: We are popular for arranging ‘Cocktail Cruises’, hence, be rest assured that we’ll provide you with a wider option of cocktails. Do you want to know about the cocktails that our clients love the most? Well then, take a look:

  • Hibiscus Mai Tai

  • Pisco Punch

  • Paisley Park

  • Red Sky at Night

  • Stargazer Mimosa and Much More

Apart from providing cocktails, we can also serve you other liquors such as beer, wine (focus wine), Black Coral Rum, etc.

  • Reasonable Package: If you are thinking that hiring us would make a gigantic hole in your pocket, then you are seriously mistaken. The packages we provide are absolutely reasonable. Hence, you don’t have to worry and all you need to do is concentrate on making your girlfriend feel special.

  • Associated with Charities: Yes, that’s right. We, Key West Cocktail Cruise, is associated with many charities. We have partnered with Reef Alliance so that together, we can conserve the coral reefs. And yes, we specifically purchase Focus Wine because the supplier transfers 15% of their sales to various children hospitals all across the USA. So basically, by purchasing their products, you are indirectly helping several kids recover from severe illnesses.

These were some of the main things that you needed to know about us. To know more, check our website thoroughly or call at 305-395-9796.

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