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Charter, Cruises, Custom Charters, Excursions, Party Cruise in Key West

Sailing on the sea or a cruise is a fascinating experience. There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing your special moments on the sea. If you also want to celebrate a special occasion in a unique manner, you can try to book a charter. There are several companies which provide custom charters for such occasions. We, at Key West Cocktail Cruise, bring you one such cherishing opportunity to enjoy this special moment with your loved ones. We not just provide you with a spectacular view on the cruise but our custom charters are also equipped with a wide selection of craft beers. We feature offerings from the Funky Buddha Brewing, Islamorada Brewing Company, or the Hatuey on a regular basis. We are also known for offering fine quality wines owing to some prestigious partnerships. So, if you live in areas like Key West, The Florida Keys, or The Keys, and want to enjoy a charter tour, then you can come to us.

Here, we have put together 2 kinds of things that you can organize on a charter. Take a look.

  • Private Parties

There are so many occasions that can be celebrated in life. Right from your friend’s bachelorette, wedding, birthday parties, to Holiday Parties, farewell parties, and many others. Any happy occasion can be experienced better in the sea.

  • Corporate Parties

Not just the private moments of your life, you can also enjoy the corporate parties in this kind of a charter. Plan a huge product launch campaign or an annual day party with your fellow colleagues, seniors, managers, investors, or business partners. A little different from the office atmosphere, this will surely be a different party that will make you a talk of the town.

So, if you want to enjoy these events or parties in our charters, contact us at the earliest.


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