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Have a Ball on a Sunset Boat Cruise Party of a Lifetime in Key West, The Florida Keys, and The Keys

Do you want to make your spouse's birthday a special one? Are you looking to organize a romantic anniversary date with your beau? Or you want to arrange a corporate party in a unique manner? Whichever be the case, a marvelous cruise party is what you need. We, at Key West Cocktail cruise, offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy any special moment lavishly amidst the beautiful setting sun and fine cocktails in your hand. We can provide you a wide selection of House Specialty Cocktails, South Florida Craft Beer, California Wines, and the list goes on. We also offer you 3 unique craft cocktails every day of the week. We are known for our remarkable hospitality, 5-star service, and a refreshing sunset experience every evening.We can offer you 2 kinds of cruise options daily, the Sunset boat cruise and the Stargazer Cruise.

Are you confused about which cruise to choose for your big day celebrations? Take a look at the cruise options in details and decide what you want.

  • Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the exclusive chance to be a part of a lovely cruise onlooking the setting sun. Enjoy a gorgeous night with live music and interesting beverage offerings that are different every night. Get Craft Beer, Craft Cocktails, California Wines etc.

  • Stargazer Cruise

If you are looking for a romantic night under the dark blue sky and twinkling stars, the Stargazer Cruise is exactly what you need. Get to enjoy a late-night party on the cruise before the open sky and the white, pristine moon, and dance all night with the wind in your hair.

If you want to explore the beautiful sunset scenery or the gorgeous night sky in and around Key West, The Florida Keys, or The Keys, book us today. For further details, you should check our website.

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