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3 Reasons to Hire Key West Cocktail Cruise for Arranging a Corporate Event

Are you planning to arrange a corporate event in a private party hall? Well, you can definitely stick to this idea. But honestly, this is a very common idea. Don’t you think you need to do something new, that will make the other corporate houses envy your company? If yes, then this time instead of booking a party venue, why don’t you book a cruise? Believe it or not, arranging a corporate party on a cruise will take the event to a “next level”. Worried about finding a party cruise in Key West, The Florida Keys or The Keys? Well, there’s nothing to worry at all! Key West Cocktail Cruise is there to your rescue. We are one few those few cruises that arrange custom charter and excursions for corporate events.

In case you are thinking that we are just going to provide you with a space then, you are seriously mistaken. We can arrange food/snacks, beer and cocktails for your guests as well (that’s our specialty!). But if you are still skeptical about choosing us then, here are some points that might convince you that we are fit to meet your requirements.

  • Professional Staffs- One of the main reasons why most people living in and areas like Key West, The Florida Keys or The Keys prefer hiring us for arranging parties or other events is because, we have really dedicated staffs. They are efficient and experienced enough to provide 5-Star hospitality to all the guests attending your corporate event. Hence, you wouldn’t regret choosing us.

  • Versatile Vessel- There are undoubtedly many party cruises available in Florida. But, very few of them are having a versatile vessel like ours. We have ample space to accommodate people and have two bars, one at the bow and another at the middle of the deck to quench the thirst of all the guests. To check out our vessel, you can check the gallery section on our website.

  • Reasonable Rates- Unlike the other party cruises, we are not going to charge a hefty amount for you. If you go through our charges, you’ll be astonished to see that it’s absolutely pocket-friendly.

If these points have convinced you to hire us, the Key West Cocktail Cruise, then immediately give us a call at 305-395-9796.


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